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Our Digital Credit Scoring Models Help Reduce Losses And Increases Profit For Retail Lending Businesses

Grow a Profitable Lending Business

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Segment and Understand Customers, Prevent Churn, Retain, Upsell and Cross-Sell to Valuable Customers

Grow and Retain Valuable Customers

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Make Intelligent Decisions with Automated Data Analytics and Machine Learning Models

Make Intelligent Decisions

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Score, Grow and Retain Profitable Customers

Harness the power of our platforms to achieve customer understanding, growth and retention.
  • Customer Insights

  • Churn Risk Analysis

  • Precision Marketing

  • Customer 360 View

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Credit Risk Analysis

  • Cross-sell and up-sell

  • Customer Listings and Rankings

  • Most Profitable Customer Analysis

Automate Data Analytics with Our Powerful Platform

Unlock Business Value by Powering Human Expertise with Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Aggregation

  • Data Preparation

  • Feature Engineering

  • Model Optimization

  • Explainable AI Models

  • Automated Machine Learning

  • Model Selection

  • Automated Model Deployment as API

  • Data Cleaning and Transformation

  • Accuracy and Speed in Decision making

Achieve Business Growth and Deliver Impact

Our Customers harness superior insights to unlock untapped growth across industries

Financial Services

Clean Energy



Tech Startups

Financial Services

Clean Energy



Tech Startups

SDG Impact

Our Work Advances Nine Sustainable Development Goals

Our Success Stories

We set forth with a mission to expand economic opportunities through the power of data and Artificial Intelligence


Million Customer Records processed


Sustainable Development Goals


multi-industry impact




Global Awards in four Years

Clients and Partners

Our partners are global, leading technology and services companies

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